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Oh Baby, It’s Cold Outside!

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Many of today’s window coverings are more than pretty—the shades, shutters, and blinds currently on the market offer homeowners a variety of sunning and shading options that make a room look nice while giving your heating and cooling bills an extremely green makeover. The holiday season has come and gone, but that does not mean winter [...]

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Window of Opportunity

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Steps to Remodeling a Room As the new year begins, many people look forward to re-imagining a single or may rooms in their homes. If you're ready to take that step in 2016, follow our suggestion list of Steps to Remodeling a Room below. Research & Visualize Visualize how you want your new room to [...]

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What’s Trending: Relaxation

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Trending: Relaxation What’s new, what’s hot, what’s trending?           A desire for relaxation is quickly becoming regarded as a necessity. In an instantaneous, highly connected world, a preference towards yoga, meditation, unplugging and disconnecting when possible, is highly valued by consumers. Expect to see: A continued search for the serene with [...]

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